Christiaan Nobels

Welcome to my website.  It was created with the sole purpose of sharing my music compositions. When I say sharing I mean exactly that. Anyone that is interested may freely download any or all of the material.  The only stipulation is that it may not be reproduced for re-sale.

The majority of my compositions are for organ alone, but I have also arranged some music for SATB choir with organ or piano accompaniment, and have also composed new tunes for some new hymns/canticles written by Rev. George van Popta. The website has been organized in such a way that each piece of music is categorized appropriately.  A number of the pieces also include a performance sampling.

You of course may judge for yourself but below are some comments that I have received:

  • “We really enjoyed the music. Great variety in style and excellent musicality. Nice to listen to as well!”
  • “Have you ever sold any of your music? I think many more people would love to have copies.”
  • “My friend remarked that he would pay to have this music and wondered where he could get it.”
  • “I played your Psalm 89 for the offertory today and it was received well. Thanks again.”
  • “I love to play your music….and many, many people love to hear it.”

So, go ahead and download whatever you want. May it be that not only you enjoy it but that playing it may serve to God’s glory.

Christiaan J. Nobels

Christiaan J. Nobels