Christiaan at the organ

The following audio files were taken from a CD entitled: Chris J. Nobels at the CONTENT Digital Organ. They provide a sampling of some of the sheet music that is available on the website as well as a couple of additional improvisations.

  1. Psalm 42 – Meditation and Chorale (Improvisation)
  2. Psalm 27 – Chorale Prelude (Chris J. Nobels) 
  3. Psalm 25 – Meditation and Chorale (Chris J. Nobels) 
  4. Petite Improvisation (Improvisation) 
  5. Largo from Xerxes (G.F. Handel) 
  6. Salvation Unto Us Has Come – Chorale Prelude (Chris J. Nobels) 
  7. Faith of Our Fathers – Pseudo Rondo & Chorale (Chris J. Nobels) 
  8. Christmas Medley (Improvisation) 
  9. Canstralia Fantasia (Chris J. Nobels) 
  10. Blessed Assurance – Chorale Prelude (Chris J. Nobels)