Three Inter-Related Hymns

The three hymns in this book are inter-related as follows:  Spirit – Faith – Assurance.  The Holy Spirit works Faith and by Faith we have Assurance of salvation.

  1. Hymn 38 (Anglo-Genevan Psalter) – A Hymn about the Holy Spirit.  (Tune: Winchester New)
  2. Faith of our Fathers (Tune: St. Catherine)
  3. Blessed Assurance (Tune: Assurance)

The compositions have been written in keys to allow the three pieces to be performed in sequence without awkward key changes.

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Spirit - Faith - Assurance
Spirit – Faith – Assurance

Audio performances (by Arie den Hollander)

Hymn 38 (A Hymn about the Spirit):

Faith of our Fathers:

Blessed Assurance:

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